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Once upon a time, there was a beaver...

Posted 1/11/2019
The original Flying Beaver / HBCN logo by Leslie Aitchison.The original Flying Beaver / HBCN logo by Leslie Aitchison.There’s a beaver in FPSC’s logo and you’re probably wondering why.
The answer about the beaver is a fairly simple one - it’s a nod and homage to the history that roots Fifty Point Sailing Club. Let’s travel back to 1997. The Hamilton chapter of the Lightning racing fleet was known as the Flying Beavers (and beyond that, we don’t know where it came from, but it’s a mighty fine noble animal). As the racing community grew in the Fifty Point Marina, the racers there and the Lightning group joined forces to build upon the mutual love of sailboat racing. Together they moved all their boats to a harbour called Newport Marina and the yacht club Hamilton Boating Club at Newport (HBCN) was formed.
HBCN and its members eventually migrated back to Fifty Point Marina and operated there as a fully functioning yacht club alongside Fifty Point Yacht Club (FPYC) until 2013. Between the years of 2013 and late 2018, HBCN retained status as a yacht club in suspended animation as the racers spent some time at the newly formed Newport Yacht Club Stoney Creek (NYC-SC). The racing sailboats once again have returned from the Newport basin to Fifty Point Marina. The HBCN yacht club and charter were reawakened in December 2018 and reborn as today’s Fifty Point Sailing Club.
FPSC logo by Joanna SuanFPSC logo by Joanna SuanOur logo thus had to have a beaver. We’re a racing group, so he/she/it/undeclared was given a couple of racing stripes on the tail. The people and the passion for sailboat racing always return to find one another, regardless of the harbour, and so the compass was chosen. The colours black and white? There is no grey here. We have fun racing sailboats together: that’s all we do, that’s all want to do, and that’s all we hope you will all do together with us.
Welcome back, Flying Beavers.